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Elayne Goodman

Furniture and objects created in bright colors, fabrics, beads, collages, and painted to create a wonderfully funky work of art.

Elayne Goodman is a self-taught Mississippi artist. A mother and home maker, she went back to school as an adult, and graduated from college at age 49. The genesis of her art style comes from her childhood in rural Mississippi. In the depression era, Elayne had limited materials and time for creativity, she learned to waste neither. She has created in her style high in content since she was a teenager, but having never seen any other artwork of this nature, she felt that her pieces would be unacceptable in the art world, until she showed for the first time in 1990. Elayne gives new life to used materials, forcing the viewer to see them in a new context. She never has a plan when she starts a new piece, and she always has a hard time to find a stopping point.


Elayne Goodman

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Coca-Cola table
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